Our Strengths

  • Littlgreen Academy focuses on the development of the whole child. We are an attachment friendly school with a warm and caring approach and our focus is to provide a learning environment where pupils are motivated to want to learn and do well.
  • Littlegreen Academy has a culture of high expectation, encouraging pupils to excel in all aspects of their development. The school is developing a rich and balanced curriculum with a focus on Outdoor Learning, Forest School and The Arts.
  • Providing high quality, personalised learning and teaching is our main aim and our pupils are becoming increasingly confident learners, showing pride and enjoyment in their learning. They demonstrate increasingly high levels of engagement and independence and are enthusiastic about their achievements.
  • There is a whole school focus on resilience, social and emotional wellbeing, independence and personal development, preparing pupils well for the next stage in their lives.
  • Pupils are well supported by the wide range of specialist staff expertise and experience particularly in supporting pupils with attachment issues and high levels of anxiety.
  • We organise our curriculum to support our pupils to become increasingly resilient and contribute positively to their learning. Engagement in a wide range of activities is increasing all the time and reflective of the diversity of the school provision.